The Timeless Legion

Planned for release January 2024

A dragon stolen.
A love betrayed.
A legion lost to time.


 The Everlands Cycle Book 2

Status:  Line and copy editing

Des is a mess.

The sellsword has been betrayed yet again by her ex-lover, and separated from her bonded dragon, Squid. And now she’s been turfed out of her last sanctuary. Lost without her dragon, her only comfort lies at the bottom of a glass of ale. Or nine.

But as much as she might long for it, her death would only give the Emperor what he wants: the opportunity to bond with her dragon and use its power to become immortal. To mount a rescue, Des must cross a militarised border. When her oldest friend appears carrying permission to travel to Ascelin, she knows she’ll do whatever it takes to get her dragon back – even play the man she couldn’t marry.

In Ascelin, though, she finds everything she’s ever held dear is at risk. The Emperor’s avarice will no longer be satisfied with using the dragons’ mastery of time only to avoid death, and he’s turning to conquest. Des must save Squid, confront old mistakes and unravel the threads of time to find the secret at the heart of the world before the Emperor uses the force of history to wreak his will.


Content Notes (including Trigger Warnings)

Alcohol, Alcohol misuse, Animal abuse, Animal death, Betrayal, Blood, Burning bodies, Corpses, Death, Death of a child (recalled), Depression, Gore, Manipulation, Man who believes in the friendzone (he learns), Misogyny, Murder, Profanity, Sex (graphic-ish?), Suicide, Suicidal ideation, Torture (recalled) , Trauma/PTSD (including flashbacks), Violence

Please note this list is subject to change. If you notice something in the book that you believe needs to be added to this list, please send me a message via the contact form.

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