The Everlands Cycle

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The Blood-Born dragonThe Blood-Born Dragon


Status: published

30th April 2023

A bond she didn’t choose.
A love she can’t escape.
A creature so powerful it bends the limits of time.

The Timeless Legion

The Timeless LegionBook Two

Status: preparing for ARCs

Intended Release: early 2024

A dragon stolen.
A love betrayed.
A legion lost to time…

[Title TBC]

Book Three

Status: Plotting

Intended Release: early 2025

If Des thought she’d been handed more than anyone could reasonably be expected to sort, she’s going to be the very picture of exasperation when she sees what’s coming at her in this book!

A Hired Blade

Prequel novella

Status: Available to newsletter signups and on every retailer

A sellsword’s bargain.
A burgeoning desire.
A future balanced on the point of a blade.

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The EXile’s Pledge

bOOK 1 OF A Prequel SERIES (set 500 years before Des’ trilogy)

Status: Currently in early release on Ream.

Intended Release: late 2024

A dragon-devastated continent.
An exile’s pledge of fealty.
Two women whose choices will shape a nation.

After years spent fleeing the devastation wrought by dragons, Lady Reinette of Tourline yearns for peace. When her husband pledges fealty to the self-declared king of a new country, she’s grateful for the half-ruined castle and estate that finally ends her family’s exile. But with her adult daughter Elisette promised to the King’s son, she’s troubled: will their allegiance involve them in the future dispossession of the Rovers, whose lands border theirs? This trauma feels too familiar after their own losses.

Elisette accepts her role in the bargain. But when she encounters a woman who wears twin hatchets, rides a giant vombat and calls down the birds, everything changes. Ilon and her people, the Rovers, live a kind of freedom she has never imagined. An unsettling desire unfurls between them, a love that could destroy the fragile alliance that keeps Elisette’s family safe.

With dragons descending, the Tourline women must resolve the conflict between their feelings and the pledge binding them, or their family will be condemned to once more face the wrath of dragons, warlords and kings without allies or protection.

The Star and the Eagle Series

The Dark Flower: Book 1

Status: Drafted

A loyal soldier gives birth to a baby prophesied to destroy the sovereign she’s sworn her life to protect. 

Gelen has worked hard to prove herself as a scout in the Royal Army and her loyalty to the Aigle dynasty who rule her country runs bone-deep. When she discovers she’s pregnant, her plan is simple: go AWOL to give birth, hand the child over to her sister to raise, and then throw herself on her General’s mercy when she returns to take up her life.

But when she gives birth, Gelen discovers the child bears The Dark Flower, the mark of a prophesied destroyer of the Aigle family. She needs to find the truth behind the prophecy, and an explanation for the magic threads that have suddenly appeared in her vision. But threats are closing in, with demons rampaging unchecked through the south of the country as the King fixates on finding The Dark Flower.

With the King’s minions seeking out her child, and the demonic hordes seeming to do the same, Gelen is forced to choose: is she first a soldier, or a mother?